Report and Communique of the 6th Mandatory Induction Programme for the Newly Elevated Senior Advocates of Nigeria, 2023

About Us

The Body of Senior Advocates of Nigeria (BOSAN) is an independent organization comprising highly distinguished practitioners in the legal profession. Its main objective is to advocate for leadership in the legal domain while upholding professional ethics, integrity, and a superior level of legal practice within the Inner Bar and the legal profession in Nigeria.

The Body comprises 811 distinguished practitioners, with 137 members now of blessed memories. Its membership includes advocates and academics, and it operates under a well-defined constitution. BOSAN fosters collaboration and is governed by a clear constitution. BOSAN promotes a cooperative and lively atmosphere among its members through quarterly meetings and annual gatherings. If the Attorney General of the Federation (where he is a Senior Advocate) is unavailable, the Vice-Chairman or, in his absence, the most senior member of BOSAN assumes the role of Chair, ensuring continuity in leadership.

BOSAN Membership

Any legal practitioner who has been conferred the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria and sworn in as such becomes a member of BOSAN subject to meeting the requirements of financial membership. The Body’s constitution governs membership and aims to promote good administration based on the principles of freedom, equity, and justice. The constitution takes precedence over any Rules and Regulations. Members of the Body are committed to being a social, non-political, non-governmental entity representing the interests of the youth, the less privileged, and the aspirations of society.