Code of dressing and Decorum

The Committee established by the Body of Senior Advocates of Nigeria to provide guidance on Dressing and Decorum for SANs (which succeeded the rank of Queen’s Counsel (QC) in Nigeria on 3rd April, 1975), had recourse to where the traditions of the profession, and indeed of the Inner Bar emanated from – the United Kingdom. Ede & Ravenscroft of London, a combination of the robe-making business of Joseph Webb Ede, and the wig-making family business of his wife, Rosanna Ravenscroft became a reference point for information and clarification of the relevant details.

Ceremonial Robe

Senior Advocate of Nigeria Ceremonial Robe for Special Court Sessions and Ceremonial Sessions

The Black Rousette

Rosette must be worn with the ceremonial robe; It is optional for the working robe

Working Robe

Senior Advocate of Nigeria Working Robes for the Courtroom